Monday, January 15, 2007

Baskin Robbins Strikes Back!

I wrote about Baskin Robbins leaving the market a while ago but, as they say, ... it's baaaaaaaaaacccccccck!

Well it seems that I will have to update the situation. I went to Global Mall in Banqiao last night. Pretty impressive! Inside one of the stores, JUSTCO, I was stunned to see a Baskin Robbins 31.

Well it wasn't a total surprise since a student had tipped me off about it. We were doing an article about how Western companies were having trouble cracking the Asian markets, especially China.

Baskin Robbins left Taiwan many years ago like Wendy's, another doomed franchise (is Burger King next to leave, there are so few stores now???). The front of Baskin Robbins had a lot of Japanese branding so I guess that it is affiliated with the Japanese branches or supply chain. JUSTCO is a Japanese store so maybe they are piggy backing on its supply chain, which would facilitate its re-entry into Taiwan.

Well, it's back and it seems ok, although I don't think it had 31 flavors. I'll have to try it out when the weather gets warmer!

If you want to read the ice-cream blog entry I made earlier:

Taichung has three stores!!!

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