Saturday, June 9, 2007

Shi Ba La Dice Game 史八豆

If you are wasted after going to a pub, this scene might be familiar to you: the sausage seller.

I'm personally not a big fan of the meat sausages which are quite sweet and definitely fatty. Locals, upon being told this, will most definitely say that their aroma on the BBQ is heavenly! However, I do recommend the rice sausages which BBQ quite nicely too.

It's funny why there only seems to be two kinds of sausages for the Taiwanese. My wife came to Canada and was delighted to find many different kinds sold by vendors along the street at lunch hour. Furthermore, I bought some German bratwurst for the inlaw BBQ last weekend and they really went for it!

So getting back to my original story, the sausage sellers position themselves outside of drinking establishments in order to take advantage of the drunk, munchie-wanting crowd. In order to liven up the experience, they play a dice game. You can see a bowl in the forefront of the picture with the dice inside. You roll the dice in the bowl. Basically you gamble for the price of your sausage. It's optional, don't worry, although the seller will be delighted if you play!

The game is called 史八豆 and it's often misspelled in Chinese characters. No idea how the game is played since I'm not much of a gambler. It's name is a little mystery too but I was told that 豆 'dou' or 'bean' is often used to describe a die (or dice).
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