Monday, January 15, 2007

Taiwan in Hollywood

Lev Andropov: Excuse me, but I think I know how to fix this.
Watts : Move it! You don't know the components!
Lev Andropov: [annoyed] Components. American components, Russian Components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!

My wife gets pissed off every time she hears these kinds of lines about Taiwan in movies. She can't understand how I can just sit back and laugh in movies like South Park that poke fun at Canadians. Oh well, touchy, touchy.

I remember a while back a student made reference to a Michael Douglas film that said something similar about Taiwan with regard to an umbrella he bought.

So here it is. I'm looking for input. I need more references to Taiwan in the movies. Please write to me by commenting to this entry. I eagerly await your suggestions and choices.
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