Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oasis: China's Loss is Taiwan's Gain

Oasis will be in Taipei for a show on April 3.  Saw this show when I was back home.  Oasis as always were in good form although the brother's still not on speaking terms (no stage interaction between them).  Also be forwarned that they are playing a lot of new songs from their mediocre new album.  A few classics though.  Should still be fun.

There's an interesting story about why they are coming to Taiwan and why all of a sudden.  It seems that they were rejected by China because they had participated in pro-Tibetan acitivities in the past.  Not surprising.  Well, Taiwan makes up the slack in their tour.  Don't think we're getting special treatment.  We're just the second choice for lack of a better place to go.

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PS. From that ticket site it looks like there is another big concert coming August 13.  3 big bands:
18:00 All-American Rejects
19:00 Hoobastank
20:00 Linkin Park

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Google Street View Confirmed for Taipei

A while back I wrote about seeing a van with cameras on the top. I thought it was Google's.
Turns out I was wrong BUT Google Street View is coming to Taipei anyhow!

This car was spotted roaming the streets and there's a video to go with it to boot.  

I can't wait for Street View to come here.  Taipei, as anyone knows who's been lost here, really needs it.

Wiki says "As of March 2009 the Google Street View camera car was seen roaming the streets of Taipei, Taiwan." wiki

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ice Saw

This guy just got a block of ice delivered to his market stall.  He plans to cut it with the saw.
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Cat Hammock

These two cats were just loving this cat hammock, jostling for the better sleeping position.
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Another Doggie Poop Sign

Taiwanese love those cartoon version doggie poops.  Obsessed with them, in fact.
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Taiwan Has Never Been the Same Since...

Taiwan has come a long way since I first arrived in 1997:

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