Sunday, July 2, 2006

Giving Haagen-Dazs a run for the money!

For those not in the know Haagen-Dazs is American ice cream and not from Europe. Don't believe me?

It's just a scam to get you to think it's European I suppose to cash in on the foreign allure ("Oh! European cars are so much more sophisticated than American ones..."). Well it seems to work.

Getting to my point... There's a new guy in town and his name is Bigtom. And he may just have the right stuff to kick Haagen-Dazs' ass out of Taiwan (much like Baskin Robbins left the Taiwan market). (It's from Texas)

Here are the good points. The high quality ice cream is cheap by comparison to HD at $165 for 2 scoops (and no service charges). The ice cream is delicious and has all the flavors you love plus a few local novelties such as my favorite, blueberry and ginger flavor.

What it doesn't have working for it is exposure or advertising. It's hard to find . It's actually along the side of the SYS Memorial with a great outdoor patio with an amazing Taipei 101 over a pond view (in the picture you can see the Taipei 101 tower in the background)!

Definitely check out this little slice of heaven! And maybe before you go, take in Aunty Su's Pizza across the street for some deep dish pizza too! Posted by Picasa
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