Thursday, January 4, 2007

To Asia: Are you a coffee or a tea person?

These two cups may look innocuous but they are in a huge slug-fest here in Asia. More than ever, people in Asia seem to be turning towards coffee culture.

I'm not saying that tea culture will disappear completely but, if it wants to flourish again, it needs to reform and revitalize.

Coffee has a couple of really strong points going for it:

a) Coffee is the stronger stimulant. It's exactly what sleep deprived students and workers here crave.

b) Coffee exudes a modern and fresh, international image. Coffee shops have a modern feel and a business like setting, even offering Wi-Fi service for customers. Tea house are generally more traditional looking and leisurely in nature. On top of this, coffee is the new guy on the block. There's always allure to things that are new and have a more international flavor (when compared to the common, stale and domestic feeling of tea).

For now, young Taiwanese are saying "coffee" to the questions of coffee versus tea. How long it stays this way remains unsure but they are making a choice that their parents may have never made.

Let the stimulant drink war begin!Posted by Picasa
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