Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Water sports anyone?

Two stories about being around or in the water and this all within days of Matsu's birthday.

One is funny, both are serious.

A fisherman gets his balls zapped by lightning:

Taitung angler's genitals struck by lightning
"Doctors said that Chen had some 20 percent of his body burnt, and remained conscious, adding that they would conduct further examinations to see if Chen's sex ability is undermined or not.

Weathermen said that as the thunderstorm would linger in Taitung area, people had better not expose themselves to the open space."


The second story is about a scuba diving crew that got separated from their boat. After being reported missing searchers went looking for them. After not being found, one of the divers actually swam back to the Taiwan mainland:

All divers saved after 40 hours
" 'My thirst kept me going,' said Ting, who was finally able to reach shore on his own power at 10:30 p.m. Sunday night. A diving trainer, Ting was being washed north by the Kuroshio, or the Japan Current, from Seven Stars Rock, some 20 miles south of Oluanpi, for 36 hours before he came close to Tamali, near Taitung on the other side of southern Taiwan."


Matsu seems to be watching out for poor Taiwan souls...
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