Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Banana Peel Flowers

This flower looks innocuous but it is a menace.

In Taipei it falls on the sidewalks here in Taipei, especially on Fushing South Road. It grows high on the trees that line the sidewalks.

And why the fuss? Well, they're as slippery as banana peels if you step on one and you can wipe out if you're not careful.

Seems like a strange kind of flower for the city to have growing near sidewalks.

They're called 木棉花 or bombax ceiba or commonly 'tree cotton' or 'cotton tree'.

According to the Wikipedia: "The cotton in the husks were used a substitute of cotton. Its flower was a common ingredient in Chinese herbal tea." wiki

I'm going to call it 'banana peel flower tree'.
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