Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pain at the pump

Here we are. Fill 'em up and read it and weep.

I filled the tank on the scooter the other day. It was almost running on fumes. The cost $220!

This is truly amazing considering I used to fill up for a mere $80. Imagine what it costs to fill up a car.

Hopefully the Taiwanese, especially in big cities, will give up their love affair with their cars. There are far too many SUVs, jeeps, land rovers and vans in the city.

As for me, $220 is still affordable considering the convenience that a scooter offers. I don't feel so bad considering it is also fairly fuel efficient for the cost. I only have to fill up maybe every 2 weeks.

The logo is that of the China Petroleum Corporation. It's actually a decent logo. What's neat about it is that it incorporates the Chinese characters for the company inside the picture at the base of the torch. For a variation of the logo, go to my web pal's site, The Real Taiwan.
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