Monday, April 21, 2008

Taipei Tourism... Second Take?

Of highlight on this TOUR.I.SM MAP (Is this an S&M plug?):

Memorial Hall of Father of China
Fashion World
Former Highest Building (101 but not very flattering)
WC (Yes, public washrooms are an attraction!)
Motel's Love (No idea what this means... heh heh!)

Check out the third pic. Is it a bird? Is it a spoon? Is it a tower? No, it's a bird!

(click on any of the pics for a larger view!)

Ok, ok, I guess by now you might have read the Chinese explanation below. Although this might just be a exhibition of artwork, it still is amusing, especially since it's displayed in a very public area behind the Natural History Museum.

Either it's a comment about what Taipei tourism is like in reality or it's a collection of the creators personal favorites.

Either way, it makes us think.
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