Sunday, July 1, 2007

Learn English the Anglais English School Way

Here's a great example of how you can really pull the fleece over English-hungry parents in Taiwan. Down the street from where I live, I came across this sign. It's for an English school that is called Anglais English School.

If you are not up on your French, 'anglais' is the French word for English. You might now see the absurdity of such a name. What will they think of next? The Ingles English School? It made me wonder if the parents who sent their kids there really questioned the name. I would guess not. And who knows, maybe it is a good 'Anglais' school after all.

The name is just a small sample of the strange names we come across across Taiwan and that we occasionally send to The other day, I even saw an ad for a place called the Outdoor Cafe which had been translated to 澳多咖啡, which sounds like the name in English but which reads as nonsense.
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