Tuesday, July 24, 2007

FORMOZ Music Festival 2007

This is it! Formoz is nearly here. July 27, 28, 29.

"Once a strictly heavy rock affair, the Formoz Festival has [...] morphed into one of the nation's most musically wide-ranging weekend festivals.

Now, along with large doses of heavy rock and punk, Formoz features every conceivable genre of music from ambient to ska and from psychobilly to more mainstream oriented pop.

[...] the event's gradual expansion over the past decade, from one-day campus gig to fully-fledged weekend long festival, has not only enabled Formoz to attract a greater number of festivalgoers, but it has also meant that more international acts are now applying to perform at the annual event."

The event takes place at the Children's Recreation Center but it certainly isn't a child's affair. Last year you could buy shots of absinthe. But don't worry. They have... gulp... Taiwan beer too.

The recreation center is on a beautiful lush hill with stages set up all over it. There is a great view from the top. You can also watch planes making their approach to Sungshan airport.

Get off at Yuanshan station and head towards the side with the stadium. It ain't cheap either. Day passes go for $1600 so make the best of it!

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