Sunday, July 22, 2007

Demise of the Children's Transportation Museum

I posted this ostrich picture earlier that I had found randomly on the net. I think I have just found the story related to it.

Wanting to bring our nieces to the Children's Transportation Museum today, I did a little hunting on the Net about it. This Jan 2007 article is what I found:

It was the beginning of the end for the Taipei Children's Museum of Transportation and Communications when, in 2004, the museum's ostriches and alligators slipped out of their exhibition pens and wandered the streets of Gongguan.

"The alligators crossed Dingzhou Road and the ostriches were found in an alley," museum director Lee Meng-feng (李孟峰) said, confirming media reports that firefighters coaxed the AWOL wildlife back to their pens.

"It was an accident," Lee added.

Blame game erupts over doomed Taipei museum

Imagine that! Wild animals in the streets! Hilarious!

I told my wife and she promptly asked me, "Why does a Transportation museum have ostriches and alligators?"

I guess we'll never know. The museum seems closed...
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