Sunday, July 2, 2006

Monstrosity or Taipei's Response to Dali???

You can find this new building out near where they are building the NeiHu MRT line behind the Miramar. It's called Wu Jiao Chuan Ban which rougly translates as Five Cent (Piece) Boat Deck.

Opinions are already a little mixed about this one. I think it's fine. God knows it's a break from the swimming pool tile that seems to cover a lot of the buildings in Taipei. Other's see a little Dali here.

On the other hand, some purists think it's an eyesore. If you've ever been to Indian Jurassic Restaurant, a Chinese restaurant on BaDe Road, and have seen their decor, you might see some common tackiness (Indian is decorated with large stumps for chairs, dinosaur rib cages and bones and has a North American Indian motif to boot!). It must be hell to clean the Taipei dust with all these nooks and crannies!!!

Well, check it out when your in the neighborhood.

If you want to check out Indian too, here are a load of suggestions fromt the AmCham: Posted by Picasa
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