Friday, June 30, 2006

A Bunch of Nerdy, Skinny Geeks and a Lucious Bikini Babe...

Must be summer in Taiwan! Stay tuned this summer for all the action! As schools are out, you'll be seeing a lot more of these kinds of scenes on the Taiwan photosites along with cosplayers, photo album posers and wedding picture takers.

If this kind of thing interests you, choose any weekend day and stake out of these typical photoshoot spots in and around Taipei (just a few):

a) CKS
b) YangMing Mountain
c) ShiLin Flower Gardens
d) GongGuan Water Park
e) FuLong or BaiShaWan Beach

Remember though, stay cool - it's hot out there! Drink lots of fluids to replace your drool and bring a hanky to stop your bleeding noses! (I think you can get the drool part. The bleeding nose is more of an Asian concept - apparently, when you see a beautiful girl, you could get a bleeding nose. Bloods a pumping, I guess...)

Check out the single-most important website for understanding young people culture in Taiwan, called WRETCH (who names this stuff?) or WuMing in Chinese ("No Name" in English).
(BTW, the .cc is a Cocos (Keeling) Islands domain name which I assume is used to get around obsenity laws in Taiwan as there are lots of 'questionable' pictures)

There are various sections worth scanning through:
(You can open a blog of your own to upload your own pics if you want)
Top Sites:
By Location:
(Check out the beach spots like PingDong, PengHu and Green Island OR the clubbing spots like Taipei or Taichung City - you need to be able to read them in Chinese to find the links)
By Theme:

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