Sunday, July 9, 2006

"Chinaman" - Good or bad word?

While I was in PengHu at the aquarium there on a recent vacation I snapped this one. I was quite surprised to see it there.

I had always had this feeling that the word "Chinaman" was derogatory.

I remember reading about railworker's giving the Chinese laborers "not a Chinaman's chance" when reading about the Yellow Peril in my American history books.

I also remembered the occasional "chink" being shouted in high school, probably due to the differences apparent between the Asians, mostly Vietnamese, and the whites. God knows what they called us in Vietnamese. :)

Well, although I wouldn't use the terms myself, it appears that Chinese might just use them themselves. Apart from presenting this fish, Wang Lee Hom, a popular Taiwanese singer, apparently coined the term "chinked-out" to describe his new style of music.

So, it appears that Chinese have started to do what African Americans have done with the n-word. Posted by Picasa
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