Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Third Wave of MRT Lines

I was in YingGe visiting the in-laws and I spotted this poster in a new building developer's office. It shows the path of the MRT through YingGe.

You see, what's likely going on here is that the developers are likely asking an MRT price for their buildings. Property around MRT stations usually goes up quite a bit when the proposed lines are announced.

What's amazing when researching this entry is the DORTS maps are pretty terrible so it's difficult to know just where the MRT is really going and where the stations will be.

The planned system map so far on a great but HUGE map (2,973 × 2,064 !!!)
A lot of the stations have numbers and/or no names...

Here's a previous entry about the system:

Anyone know where the new MRT stations will be exactly?
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