Thursday, October 9, 2008

Taiwan is a Monopoly!

Monopoly is one of the best selling board games of all time with a 'rich' history

Rich Uncle Pennybags

When I was back home recently I was surprised to see that it now has hundreds of incarnations from global monopoly to even Family Guy monopoly.

world edition

I was at Carrefour the other day and noticed that there is even a Taiwan edition (see pictures).

for sale

I mentioned it to people in the office and one person asked what the equivalent of Park Place was. He guessed it would be Renai Road in Taipei. But no, what is it? TaiPing Shan! What the %@#^#$?

Anyhow, just wondering if anyone has bought or played the Taiwan version and would be willing to tell us what other little changes they have made. Or what changes you would make to make it more reflective of Taiwan today?

A funny thing is that the World Edition actually has Taipei as a city on it, right up there with Riga (yes, Riga in Latvia!). What's more, the most expensive city on the board apparently is Montreal. Are Parker Brothers smoking crack or what?
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