Sunday, October 5, 2008

Big John's Excellent Taiwan Coastal Adventure

Here's a little promotional bit about a friend of mine's blog, Big John. John's goal in his own words "is to walk all the way around Taiwan, staying as close to the coastline as reasonably possible." He has also set a goal of doing the circumference of the island in 80 days.

He hasn't been doing it all in one shot, though. He's been doing it in pieces on weekends and on holidays, picking up where he left off the previous time.

It's a worthy concept and he seems very determined, despite what some may feel are walks through pretty bleak, isolated and even dangerous stretches of coastline. The pockets of beauty captured in his logs and accompanied with photos are proof of the beauty of Taiwan which obviously spurs him on in his quest.

From my experience of driving the coastlines, the point of interest were far and few. Upon looking at John's blog, I have somewhat reconsidered my view and might take a better look.

John has recently added a crude, albeit useful map. Hoping for something a little more precise using Google Maps and GPS points so that others can find some of the points of interest he has experienced without the distances in between.   

Here is a recent article John has written for the latest issue of Highway 11:

John is a self-professed newbie of things blog but his site is coming along great!  He maintains a day by day blog of walking events here:
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