Sunday, October 19, 2008

Taiwan Blogger Sausage Fest at onHouse

Was it just me or was that a total sausage fest at onHouse? Oh well, I'm sure my wife can sleep soundly knowing this fact.

A big thanks to Byron, here for an Intel conference, for treating us all to his hospitality at onHouse. Byron is the interesting and active individual who hosted the blogger/techie event attended by a lot of Taiwan's foremost bloggers (myself included) on Sunday, October 19.

Of note in attendance on the Taiwan front:

David Reid


Matthew from Dahon bikes

Darren Melrose

Christopher Lee Adams from Creative Commons

Going back to my original festive note, just noticed that there weren't any female bloggers. C'mon you guys! Get your ya-yas out and blog in Taiwan! I know it's Octoberfest and everything so sausages were in order but this was ridiculous!

Anyway, it was good to put a face to the bloggers and chat about tech, biking, Taiwan strangeness, expats, politics and finance.

Cheers Byron and thanks for the gracious door prizes!
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