Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Nuts about Betelnut Beauties

Tobie Openshaw's photo exhibit opens in Taipei. Lots of media attention. Lots of talk about they are hard working girls just trying to make a living. Lots more talk about how the "photos look much brighter and detailed as large prints and make a much greater impact" if you go see the show. Interesting how 99.9% of the attendees of the show were male (just kidding!). And blah, blah blah, blah, blah it goes on...

Tobie, I'm going to say to you what everyone else is denying. We love you for taking the time and doing the leg work for what we (the men in Taiwan) have wanted to do for a long time: download some of those pictures of those hot babes close up to make wallpapers for our computer desktops and send them to our horny friends back home.

Cheers to Tobie for posting the pictures of the lovelies on his flickr page:
http://flickr.com/photos/tobie_openshaw/ (Don't fight it! You will be downloading those pics in one way, shape or form!)

Eat your heart out suckers back home! We've got hotness walking on the streets of Taiwan!

P.S. Not too suprised about National Geograhic turning down Tobie's documentary pitch. Don't worry Tobie, we know they're just a bunch of prudes. Maybe they'll spin off a soft core film company to cover these kinds of cases.

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