Thursday, March 22, 2007

CNN: Chinese Food Unhealthy - General Tso: Nonsense!

...and just who is General Tso anyhow??? And why has he declared war on Americans and their diet? Well you may know the 'famous' dish but do you know the man???'s_chicken

There is actually a kind of following of the General and some details of his exploits.

That's right! There's a war for the hearts and minds, and, more importantly, the stomachs, of the people of the world!

This CNN article/feature is bound to raise a few eyebrows then, maybe even for a few of expats living in Taiwan:
Chinese restaurants a nutritionist's nightmare, group says -

Do you agree with the conclusions/suggestions or are you in the camp questioning: then why are Chinese so damn thin?

Anyone have any comments about the Chinese diet?
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