Thursday, March 1, 2007

In defence of Wikipedia

Wikipedia is under a lot of flak these days for being less than accurate and less than forthcoming with some of its employees.

I say cut it some slack. In the scheme of things, it's pretty new. On top of it, it updates quite quickly. All it needs is a little time!

This blog owes a great deal to Wikipedia! I remember the feeling when I found out that Aluba is called Happy Corner in English. I couldn't find anything anywhere about it. And there it was in Wiki!

I think these kinds of inaccuracies are inevitable in any kind of information. They need to be worked out and debated. What we really need to have, however, is somewhere to start if we are going to make any sense of anything. Wikipedia is that starting point!

Without something to put some order into everything we are lost. Even stereotypes, although erroneous, are an attempt to put some kind of order to things.

For now, I have this to say. The Wikipedia remains my #1 source. If you wish to challenge my musings based on it, then so be it. I'm big enough to admit when I'm wrong! So, bring it on and I'll consider your different points of view!
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