Sunday, March 4, 2007

Adopted Boy and Sell Out Boy

Not only a real adoptee (and upset by media reports of it) but also a "Son of Taiwan", Chien Ming Wang, pitcher for the Yankees is all the rage here in Taiwan.

First, about the adoption. The media found out that he is actually the son of his aunt and uncle and that he had been given to his parents. Not really a big deal in the Chinese world where the burden of kids are sometimes shared amongst relatives in this fashion. He's still considered blood, after all. An outside adoption might have been more of a shocker since Chinese usually frown on this.

Besides, his real adopted parents now are the Taiwanese who have put him up on the altar for the whole world to adore.

Not much of a spectacular performer, Wang has now lent his acting skills to selling just about anything in the Taiwanese universe from McDonalds to computers to financial services. Jesus! Sell out city! Well, enjoy your few years of fame while you can Wang. The here today, gone tomorrow trend is the norm for celebrities in Taiwan. We'll be wondering what ever happened to you a few years from now.
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