Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Looking for a bare bones gym?

Don't need any extras like towels, pool, soap etc? JJ Sports may just be the thing for you.

Admittedly I have been looking for a new gym since the demise of Alexander. I realized too that I can get a decent workout in about an hour. Their rates are very decent:

$50/hr (you get a receipt stamped with the time)
No membership fee or registration

$3500/season (3 months)
Membership card

If you use the pool, their are different fees.

I, however, never really used Alexander's pool anyway, mainly due to the ridiculous bathing cap rule. If you didn't know already, all people must wear bathing caps in Taiwan pools, even outside. Besides I prefer swimming in the ocean to the chlorine of the pool (although by Taiwanese hygiene standards, I can't guarantee all pools or hot tubs have the right pool chlorine level, if any).

The gym is large and well lit with a high ceiling. It's not busy during the daytime either. All the Alexander machines were accounted for. There are also free weights. There's a large area with mats. All people using the gym need a towel to wipe down the machines before entering. If you forget, towels can be rented for $10 with a deposit (leave your ID card) at the door.

From the gym there's a great view on one side of the CKS Memorial Hall.

Other parts of the building house the pool and courts I believe. There are flyers that detail the various classes offered at the center as well. I wasn't really interested in those either since they never seem to fit my schedule.

There's a Seattle coffee store on the first floor with food as well. Free scooter parking in the underground parking (!) and outside the front door.

It's a BOT (Build Operate Transfer) company sports center run for Taipei City.

Well worth the price and convenient with the options.

JJ Sports
ZhongZhen Sports (across from CKS Memorial Hall)

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