Monday, March 3, 2008

Another badly thought out Taiwan Beer campaign

Combining COSPLAYers with Taiwan Beer. Frankly, it seems like a strange match but I assume Taiwan Beer is trying to cash in on that ever-elusive teen and pre-teen beer market.

Maybe better luck outside of Taipei, which tends to be on the dry/tame side when it comes to alcohol drenched fun among the high and university aged crowds...

Open some of the alternatives here. So cute! So lovely! So strange!

Hey, I'm not a prude and I have been known to have given my nieces and our cats a sip of the good stuff once and a while but, c'mon, alcohol and little kids don't mix.

Remember Deuce Bigalow 2???

French man:
"And then what is next?
Take wine away from my children?
I put out this cigarette.
God bless America."
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