Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Jesus, I don't make this stuff up...

I've been using Google Reader and Google News Alerts to find information about past articles I've written to follow up on them.

To my surprise (and disgust) I found this about the National Socialism Association of Taiwan, a Nazi "political organization founded [...] in September 2006 by 許娜琦, a 22-year-old political science graduate of Soochow University" (I have to say I was surprised to know that the founder was a she not a he but I guess I shouldn't be!)

The membership apparently includes people of high educational background and is growing as it seeks more members in universities, colleges and high schools.

'The organization views Adolf Hitler as its "leader" and often proclaims "live long Hitler" as one of their slogans.' (Ouch!)

The party seems to be a reaction to indecision at the national level with the parties struggling against each other and getting little meaningful done.

As one member interviewed by a journalist said:
'he thinks Nazism is a "good idea about enriching the country and stengthening the military" '


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