Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Communist Party of Taiwan Comes Back to Haunt Us!

It's funny how things on the Web repeat themselves, are recycled and are renewed.

Here's the story I ran a while back about Communism in Taiwan:

Here are some worthwhile points in a recent article published:

"President Lee Teng-Hui was forced to admit that he had been a communist in the late 1940's." (also mentioned in my blog)

"Mao Zedong initially supported Taiwan Independence." (believable)

"In recent years I've seen the "Communistmobile," a red car painted with hammers, sickles, yellow stars and various workers slogans, around Taipei. It also has big speakers mounted on the roof which blast "The East is Red" on a continuous loop. Other Communist cars have been sighted in Kaoshiung and Tainan." (never seen it but want to!)

All in all a great article. Read it here:

Don't forget all of you wanna be communists wanting to support Dai, organizations and activities from promoting communism are forbidden by law in Taiwan. As I have previously noted in my blog, if Taiwan is so democratic, then why don't its laws allow people to start a communist party? Doesn't that smack against free speech?

We don't seriously think these guys will get anywhere but it does make political life colorful. Besides, we need a good counter-weight for the Nazi Party of Taiwan.
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