Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The 'Pubic' Appearance

A Japanese performer in Formoz recently exposed himself onstage for an amazing 1 minute after supposedly drinking a 'sip of wine'.


As the papers noted
"Some female fans were astonished, but male audiences were thrilled and screamed."

Aluba! Aluba! Aluba! (see my previous entries for more about this...)

He was later arrested and finally left Taiwan, banned forever I presume.

Is it any surprise that this guy did it. In an article that appeared before Formoz in a Hong Kong newspaper, it was pointed out that the performer in question had exposed himself before in his native Japan. Seems like he didn't change his act. No surprise!

south china morning post

It isn't the first time that foreigners have exposed themselves like this. I recall a trip to Taiwan by Kiko Wu, an Asian porn star of Taiwan origin from the US. She pranced around Taipei doing quick photo shoots at various tourist attractions until she was also apprehended. She, too, got a slap on the wrist and left town, banned forever I also presume. But she's a porn star for Pete's sake!

(taipei times, it seems, has no problems with publishing a totally nude woman in their paper)

See a clip of it here:
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