Friday, June 8, 2007

Paris, Lindsay and now... Shino

Singer Shino 林曉培 was busted for manslaughter of an off-duty nurse. She was driving drunk in the early morning and hit the nurse.

Some reports have suggested that the nurse was breaking the law by crossing the road at the time so Shino is not so much at fault.

I totally disagree. It seems like a lot of the stars and models here in Taiwan drink and drive. Hopefully something will come out of this case and they will start to think soberly about what they are doing...

In recent times, we have had Paris Hilton going to jail for her drunk driving and Lindsay Lohan crashing her car and the cops finding cocaine in it. Shino's arrest has some interesting parallels that can be made with these celebrities misbehaving. Let's hope that they don't get off easy by being made an example to the public because of their higher profiles...
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