Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Cellphone Law

It's official. Taiwan is more progressive than the West. What in you say. Well, basically, no cellphones while driving.

Although this may be old news as the law passed in 2001, I think it merits being pointed out that this kind of ban on using hand-held cellphones when driving by and large does not exist in places like my very own Canada.

If you are interested to know where this kind of law applies, look no further. Looking at this chart of places that ban cellphones in hand while driving there are some remarkable stand outs:

The law in Taiwan, although on the books, is virtually unenforced (like a lot of laws here). The result is that most people get away with a call here and there. Even scooter drivers can be seen rising with one hand holding their phone or having it stuffed up into their helmets for a hands-free experience.

It seems that most motorists are not always convinced to change their ways (although something like the scooter helmet law can be seen as fairly successful, at least in big cities).
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