Friday, February 9, 2007

Obsession with poles

Although this may strike you as bizarre, women are actually studying stripping for exercise.

I, for one, have noticed that the Taiwanese are fascinated by pole dancing. I was once in the subway and noticed a crowd of people around one of the doorways. When I got close, I noticed that a mom was encouraging her little boy to perform on that pole in front of the door much to the delight of the other passengers.

Also, I have seen teenage girls practicing their moves on the jungle gyms late at night in a public park near where I live. Totally caught on my night vision video cam!

Finally, a friend of mine who went to Australia for his honeymoon reported that some gyms there offer pole dancing as the latest and greatest since body combat. If it picks up, expect the pole dancing craze to hit here in Taiwan within the next year. It would be a welcome change from all the lame yoga we have now!
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