Saturday, December 9, 2006

Bad Ideas - Toilet resto

A couple of weeks back I got word of a restaurant concept here in Taiwan. It’s Taipei’s “Toilet Bowl” resto. Oyster Sauce Pork Loin, Curry Chicken, mixed beans, fresh fruit and slush ice! MMMMM! All served in a ceramic toilet from YingGe!

Well it seem like the concept is spreading (excuse the pun).

Gaoxiung, not to be left out, is getting on the ‘honey wagon’ ( . They’ve got one with the ingenious name of Marton Restaurant (get it??? Ma Tong??? ) Curry Hot Pot, Curry Chicken Rice and chocolate ice cream! YUM!

And Gaxiong’s already opening new branches!!!

I’ve yet to eat a meal in either city but am anxious to use their facilities. Just hope they don’t get the two mixed up!

Novelty or ‘run a business’? You be the judge!

Tip of the ‘rim’ to Gabrielle for this one!

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