Wednesday, June 21, 2006

So you want to get your Spousal Visa?

Here's what I went through (yes, that's my wife and I!) in an unedited form:

Timeline for JSRV
(Joining Spouse/Relative Visa):

dec 2003
-got married in Canada then returned to Taiwan
-need to apply for marriage certificate

oct 2004
-waited for marriage certificate
-got marriage certificate translated at Trade Office$$$ 25 CAD
-sent it to Taiwan
-legal: need to register marriage within a few months of returning

dec 2004
-went to get household registration in home city of spouse
-need to register a chinese name
-put name on certificate$$$
oct 2005
-went to Canada
-did fingerprinting at a local police station (contracted out) $$$ 75 CAD
-sent fingerprints to RCMP (federal police)
-website said 5 month wait

nov 2005
-returned to Taiwan

dec 2005
-did health test as usual for teachers $$$ 700

jan 2006
-got my work permit back from employer ready to make visa
-made 2 more work permits for other branches
-these were ready in case the prints didn't come on time

feb 2006
-parents got fingerprints back from RCMP
-brought fingerprints to Trade Office in Ottawa to translate $$$ 25 CAD
-sent documents to Taiwan

mid- feb 2006
-went to Yingko to get household registration printed $$$ 300
-went to BOCA
-they told me health test for teacher wasn't enough, need two other items, leprosy and stool check!
-was told that there was enough time to do it as a new visa requires 7 working days
-went to RenAi hospital to get it done – very disorganized
-they need to check your skin everywhere, need to give stool sample in a tube
-extra tests take a week to return or five working days

went back to BOCA with docs:
a) passport (copied with info page, current visa and entry date stamp)
b) ARC (copied both sides)
c) household registration certificate HU JI TEN BEN
d) health tests (teacher one plus extra items one)
e) translated /authenticated criminal record background check (copied so you can keep the original)
f) translated /authenticated marriage certificate (copied so you can keep the original)
-they took my passport to put a new visa in it
-paid $$$ 3000 (for changing from one kind of visa to another)

after 10 working days (early mar)
-picked up passport at BOCA with receipt
-went to police station in Taipei county with passport and ARC only
-need to bring the household registration, wife's ID and wife (would be useful)
-2 one inch pictures needed
- fee is $1000 first year, $3000 or $2000 for following years (so still $1000 a year) Posted by Picasa
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