Monday, August 11, 2008

My 10NT's worth

In Canada, one of the first things I noticed was how light an shiny the coins are here compared to Taiwan's coins. The later are often scratched to hell, are filthy and weigh down in your pocket.

A quick look around the Wikipedia found this: wiki

It seems that Taiwan's silver colored coins are made with cupro-nickel (copper and nickel alloy). Aha, that explains it. Canadian silver colored coins are made with nickel, right?

Well, actually this is wrong. In fact, according to Wiki, Canadian coins
"in 2000, [...][had] plated-steel 1, 5, 10, 25 and 50 cents coins, with the 1 cent plated in copper and the others [dollar coins] plated in cupro-nickel".

The steel in the coins seems to explain why silver-colored Canadian coins are lighter and shinier (stainless) than their Taiwan counterparts. 10NT weighs 7.5 grams while the comparably sized Canadian quarter (25 cents) only weighs 4.4 grams.

The Canadian dollar coins do seem a bit duller in comparison due to their cupro-nickel exterior which fits with how the Taiwanese coins are. Plus they are fairly heavy. If you want to see and compare this, use the pictures and the information on the above mentioned wiki pages.
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