Monday, August 11, 2008

eeePC for free... kind of...

There has already been some talk about other companies giving away eeePCs to people who sign up for services but this is the first I have heard of it in Canada.

It actually is questionable whether they are really 'free' as the service costs often are high. Sometime the service fees can increase the actual cost drastically.


I was watching an TV ad in Canada for the Royal Bank of Canada that offered this:
"To get your FREE ASUS Eee PC, just open a new RBC Signature No Limit Banking® Account or RBC VIP Banking® account by September 12, 2008"

However, upon further reading they really come to the point:
"Take a closer look at this all-inclusive account. For just $13.95 a month with no minimum balance required"


$13.95 is quite a but of a bank account fee! The true free eeePC remains elusive!

At least the eeePC seems to be riding high though.
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