Thursday, February 14, 2008

Edison Chen is an idiot...

...but then so are most of his flings as well.

And of course we love Canadian-born Edison (his actual name is Edison Chen Kwoon-Hei, 陳冠希 or 陈冠希) for reminding us that the Chinese stars are just as 'naughty' as anything Hollywood side.

It's Asia's latest sex scandal (since the huge Chu MeiFeng scandal) and if you live in Asia and haven't heard about it then you must be some sort of hermit living atop a mountain!

What is different this time is the scope (several Canto stars and models) and the people it deals with, that is Hong Kong's (now seemingly incestuous) group of pop idols. Even the great Jackie Chan has been tinged by the scandal.

Check out the unraveling story here in pictures...
hollywood grind

Wiki has also started up a page...

And here's a great and thorough commentary...

What will happen to the stars' careers? Who is the mysterious KIRA blackmailing the stars with more pictures? Do any of the stars pay his demands? We'll see as this unfolds.

By the way, Chu MeiFeng (mentioned above), a politician by trade, tried to start a singing career after her scandal. Maybe these stars will try to start a political careers. Now that would be real news!

Meanwhile what are we to do? Snowfall in parts of China and with rainfall and cold in Northern Taiwan. Stuck at home with nothing better to do than to get immersed in the news of this scandal.

The moral of the story is make sure you don't have any 'questionable' material on your hard drive when you bring your computer in for repairs. You never know how scrupulous those repair guys are.
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