Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dragon dance enters a Catholic church. What the #$&% ???

Saw some strange stuff in Pingdong this time on our trip south for the new year period.

Some dragon dancers walked straight into a Catholic church. I guess they didn't know that churches are usually calm and peaceful places of contemplation. Indeed, I can confirm that there were at least three or four people in the church spending some quiet time with their deity.

Another thing that struck me about this Catholic church were the lights outside. Not your typical Jesus salute but instead a full tribute to Santa!

My wife picked this out immediately as I had mentioned that in churches the focus was more on Jesus and little or nothing about Santa these days as he has become somewhat of a secular icon used to sell things.

Not so, it seems... but maybe he was selling something: religion. My guess is that Jesus lacked the cuteness factor that catches the eyes of Taiwanese. Santa fit the bill instead.
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