Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Praying to Matsu the 3G way

Here's a new twist. Too lazy to make it to the temple? What to worship Matsu? Now you can on your 3G phone.


I must have missed this story a few weeks back but I have seen cellphone provider Vibo's ads on TV for this new service lately. They feature a young girl telling her mother that the new way to worship is 3G. She then puts the cellphone to her head as people would with incense sticks at the temple and proceeds to pray.

According to the article:
"Through uniquely designed software, customers can pay their respects to Matsu, pick fortune texts, and throw the crescent-shaped wooden divining tools to seek good luck and answers from the deity."

Count on the Taiwanese to put a high tech twist on local religion. Couple this with the height of convenience and you have a winning mix.

BTW, it's not the first time that Matsu has met high tech. OKWAP has (had) a model of phone dedicated to Matsu as well...

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