Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Could this be more of a blatant slap in the face?

This now looks like a pile of crap. Was that their intention?

Regardless of what you think of the guy, this is a real eyesore. The addition of the kites makes it look like some kind of freak show Halloween party. Those are kites hanging there but they look more like masks. This could not be unintentional. And what an ugly mismatch of styles. Not artistically appealing at all.

Nor meaningful. I really don't see the link between kites and peace. Furthermore, I think a lot of visitors won't either! Although I might be sympathetic if it were done in a constructive way, I'm convinced that this rectification of names and sites campaign is just a cover for the government and rectification groups to sow their revenge. They can finally have their chuckle at how tacky this looks.

Unfortunately these spiteful acts acts are done at the public's expense. If there is a change in government, watch for an immediate (and costly) reversal of this policy.
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