Thursday, October 11, 2007

Military Precision

It's nice to know that some divisions of the ROC army are disciplined and seemingly ready for real combat. I think the airforce is what really counts. They have the right equipment and are impressive when seen in demonstrations like this at the Double Ten Day celebrations.

(Click on the picture for a great larger view. Further pics of the air show here.)

I've written about the general malaise in the army in a past blog, especially in the consripts but also in the officers. I've always wondered, after all the simulated wargames, and the rhetoric whether the ROC army would be ready should the fight come.

Maybe a better question would be, if Taiwan were to declare independence, how many people would step up to put their muscle where their mouth belongs? Let's hope it never comes to this.

But, who knows, I firmly believe that China is obsessive and crazy enough to pull something foolish and disastrous like this off...
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ROC Air Might!

ROC Heavy Metal!
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