Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oasis: China's Loss is Taiwan's Gain

Oasis will be in Taipei for a show on April 3.  Saw this show when I was back home.  Oasis as always were in good form although the brother's still not on speaking terms (no stage interaction between them).  Also be forwarned that they are playing a lot of new songs from their mediocre new album.  A few classics though.  Should still be fun.

There's an interesting story about why they are coming to Taiwan and why all of a sudden.  It seems that they were rejected by China because they had participated in pro-Tibetan acitivities in the past.  Not surprising.  Well, Taiwan makes up the slack in their tour.  Don't think we're getting special treatment.  We're just the second choice for lack of a better place to go.

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PS. From that ticket site it looks like there is another big concert coming August 13.  3 big bands:
18:00 All-American Rejects
19:00 Hoobastank
20:00 Linkin Park

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