Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Taiwan Touch Your Heart or is that Thailand Touch Your Heart?

The visuals are ok but the Islaformosa song is just plain bad. I have noticed that Taiwan is advertising on CNN these days using this jingle as are a lot of other Asian countries with their own songs.

There are definitely really terrible ads. Seoul's advertising (Seoul, Soul of Asia) is pretty bad as well and leaves me feeling loathe to visit.

So far I've only been impressed with Malaysia's and India's songs and Cambodia has done a pretty good job with their commercial as well.

As a final message, I say Naruwan to you if you are coming to Taiwan! And remember it's not Taiwan, not Thailand, bitch!

(If you are wondering what the heck 'naruwan' is then you weren't the only one who misunderstood the last ad campaign thought up by those spin doctors at Taiwan tourism. Google 'naruwan' to see how misguided that campaign slogan was...)
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